Friday, April 25, 2008


The central idea for my concentration is film poster art, displaying the different techniques and effective ways to advertise a cinematic experience.
I have two great passions in life: art and story telling. There is nothing I love more than a powerful, edgy piece of art or a chilling, emotional story. My favorite form of art, which I feel falls under the radar in appreciation, is film poster art. Ever since I was younger I would go to the video store and stare at videocassette covers of old movies and admire the cleverness of it all— the way all the highlights of the film were crammed into one collage or how one profound image would represent the movie. Now, at my current age I am obsessed with the form of art. I had been waiting for an opportunity like a concentration format to begin my conquest to find a proper visual representation for each of my creative writing pieces, that hopefully someday may even become novels or films of their own.
So I made a choice, my concentration would be film poster art. This concentration requires a number of art principles, such as emphasis (Tramp Sauce), space (Mad Loving of the Cold Hearted & Deaf Dumb and Blonde), rhythm (The Art Camp Massacre), unity (Rapture) and a balanced composition (Desolate Woods). Generally being art for marketing, the piece must pull you into the movie. As an audience viewing the poster art, you should feel the mood, emotion, tension, vibrancy or power that you will feel as an audience viewing the film it represents. With dozens of ideas for stories in the back of my mind I had no problem producing piece after piece. The only challenge I faced was finding a visual that represented how I wanted each film to feel. If the piece of art was exemplifying a horror story, I used tension, dark colors and chilling images (Off Your Offender, The Sundowner, Desolate Woods & Rapture). When there was an element of humor involved, the composition became a little more hectic and the colors were brighter (Tramp Sauce, Sugar Aint So Sweet & School Spirit). To connect them all I made the choice to leave a trademark for the concentration, my name filling the spot of the director’s credit. I feel like each piece compliments the others and there is not a specific poster that falls short or stands out negatively.

Piece Number 1:
Acrylic on canvas
Intense revenge film about a girl Andy who escapes a mass murder in a woodland motel in NW America. Disturbed and horrified, she tracks down the man overnight to serve him the justice she finds fitting to settle her grief. Rated R.

Piece Number 2:
Primsa marker on paper
A crime, romance film about two cold blooded/hearted criminals who are racing towards the Mexican border to escape the police before the law catches on to their series of brutal crimes. Rated R.

Piece Number 3:
Graphite on paper from sketchbook
A tour-group of five German cave exploring tourists get lost in the deepest depths of Cadaver Cove. Little do geologists know, a barbaric cult of vampires and beautifle woman, known as the 'underdwellars' roam the warm springs of the caves. Rated R.

Piece Number 4:
Acrylic on canvas board
Rocket, a prostitute who resides in Tualitan, Oregon, is the focus of the film. It's about a day-in-the-life of a dimented, sex fiend who gets pregnant and fights with homosexual male prostitutes for fun. Rated X.

Piece Number 5:
Acrylic on matt-board
This is a gory, campy horror film about an art teacher named Ms McBride who takes her crew of advanced art students to an art camp. She cuts off the cell phone service, uses dead animals as still lifes and even uses the children's blood to paint grand scale paintings. It isn't until the students uncover her slide binder with images of the bodies of the students gone missing, that they realise that they're next. Rated R.

Piece Number 6:
Primsa marker on matt-board
The young Magnolia is an exotic dancer at a grimey bar in Chicago, Illonious. The film is a drama about her life outside of the job and how she has no friends, but does in fact have a sly stalker who watches her every saturday night at the bar. Rated R.

Piece Number 7:
Acrylic on wood
This is the story of the young adult named Birdee who is indeed Deaf Dumb Blind AND Blonde. Though this film is a very dark, cult comedy, it's viewed as one of the lowest films of all time: a disgrace and a mockery of the handicapped. Rated PG.

Piece Number 8:
Acrylic on canvas
A eerie psychological thriller about a cross generation couple who get in a car accident on their way home from a party. The young wife falls into a coma and the older husband in turn obtains the Sundowner Syndrome- harassing nurses, hallucinating and even stalking family members. Rated R.

Piece Number 9:
Graphite on matt-board
A group of young teenagers take a trip into a wooden landscape to sleep under the stars. Unlucky for them, the sky is covered by twisted branches and the kids aren't the only people out in the lonley forest. A hermit with a rotten brain decides to express his love for privacy and murder upon the youths. Rated R.

Piece Number 10:
Primsa marker on matt board
This retro 70s film features Chandalere, a young black adult, who is a maid for a rich couple. When the husband gets caught sexually harrassing Chandalere he blames the situation on her. In turn the wife fires her in front of guests and she is humiliated. Although, a week later Chandelere returns to the home through a fake apologie-- losing her pride in the process. She slowly begins to regain it by making the rich couples life a living hell. Rated R.

Piece Number 11:
Primsa marker on paper
This comedy is set at Freemont High School in CA, home to the most dynamic group of students possible-- strictly between those with spirit and those without it. Becca Brasco is the unapproachable pep-girl who everyone is afraid of and Brian Brasco, her brother, is the triple varsity athlete four years running. Their goal is to get everyone involved somehow, even if it means breaking some rules, or bones. Rated R.

Piece Number 12:
Acrylic on wood
This is no ordinary story of 4 teenaqers on a search for drugs; instead of a fun adventure this is the need for escape. Blue, a drug dealer, diamond cutter and artist, brings in niave children who want to buy pot-- smokes with them, then offers his expiremental drug which sends them to sleep. When the teenagers wake up to Blue's studio they find themselves invoved in experimentation, mutilation and a violent blackmarket of art where chances of escaping look slim. And nothing sells higher in the underground art show than Blue's photography of girls with real diamonds imbedded into their skin. Rated R.

Here it all is. Under my name. Basically my whole High School art career

Monday, April 14, 2008

'D' check!

A. Chose which Cadaver Cove piece
B. Finish Deaf Dumb & Blonde
C. Start/finish Rapture and School Spirit
D. Decide on last movie and start/finish it

I chose "Sugar Ain't So Sweet" and finished it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

this is for myself

What I've Done/Need to Do!
1 Off Your Offender (finished)
2 Mad Loving of the Cold Hearted (finished)
3 Cadaver Cove (decide between sketch or encostic)
4 Tramp Sauce (finished)
5 The Art Camp Massacre (finished)
6 Magnolia (finished)
7 Deaf Dumb & Blonde (add rating, name and change features)
8 The Sundowner (finished)
9 Desolate Woods (finished)
10 Rapture (start!!)
11 School Spirit (start!!)
12 Sugar Ain't So Sweet/"Super Hero movie"/"romance" (decide!)

So I need to...
A. Chose which Cadaver Cove piece
B. Finish Deaf Dumb & Blonde
C. Start/finish Rapture and School Spirit
D. Decide on last movie and start/finish it

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Stuff!

The Sundowner! New concentration piece!

Sundowner Sketch (not a concentration piece)

"The Parasite Murders" Comic Sketch

Tramp Sauce II... Rocket is back.

Old Sketch from retired sketchbook

Hand Attack

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I finished this piece of Annie and I about a month ago. I'm really proud of it actually. I think it's one of the best paintings i've done.

As for my concentration right now I'm really concerned I'm not trying new things. I need to think of a new medium to use while still coming off as a movie poster. Obviously i'm not going to use like crayons or something... it wouldn't work too well for what I want to do. Suggestions?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Two New Pieces Are On Their Way

Dumb Deaf & Blonde [Incomplete...]

Magnolia [Done!]

So to review where I am:
1 Off Your Offender
2 Mad Loving of the Cold Hearted
3 Cadaver Cove
4 Tramp Sauce [touching up at the moment]
5 The Sundowner [going to start over]
6 The Art Camp Massacre [recently completed]

7 Deaf Dumb & Blonde [incomplete]
8 Magnolia

9 Desolate Woods
10 Rapture
11 Sugar Ain't So Sweet
12 ???

Monday, February 11, 2008

controversial art

the george fox show was really cool and I enjoyed the visit but it really made me realize how much i love controversial material in art. i like when people look wide-eyed in shock as i stand there in complete normality. i love weirding people out, and desensitizing them in a way, to things that they shouldnt worry about so much.

so to conclude this post.. i like edgy art.